Now I Love Music Practice:

Ron Ottley

piano teacher in Dunedin, NZ
  • Music lessons are available at my studio in Andersons Bay.
  • Enquiries are welcome from children and adults including beginners.
  • I teach classical and modern piano.
  • Lessons are one on one.
  • I am associated with the NZ Modern School Of Music which is over 60 years old.
  • Students who wish to sit exams are encouraged to do so, and are fully prepared.

Classical or modern piano.

As stated above I teach both classical or modern piano. For beginners there is no difference between what is taught. As they progress I introduce music from both genres and teach both side by side. Eventually the student may decide to concentrate on one or the other.

For modern piano I teach chord based methods, and playing from lead sheets. I teach various styles, and emphasize improvising, arranging, and creativity.

Parents are very welcome to sit in on lessons at any time although this is not a requirement.

My teaching philosophy.

I offer students lessons that are tailored in content and pace for each individual. I am committed to getting the best from each student through patience, and a friendly, professional approach.

I do not subscribe to the often expressed view that music lessons should be fun. I think it is necessary to take a music education seriously and put in the time and effort required to make progress. I do believe, however, that learning to play should be a very enjoyable and satisfying experience and, actually, much more rewarding than merely having fun. See article.

I believe that one of the most important functions of a music teacher is instilling and fostering a love of music in their student, and encouraging and motivating them to want to persevere.

Contact Information

48 Every Street, Dunedin. 9013

03 4545103



Now that I have attained my Diploma in Modern Piano with ANZCA I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our collaboration as I worked toward that goal.

You have a gift for teaching improvisation, and arranging music that makes you stand out as one of “the” music teachers in this field.

Emma Johns

You have been a great music teacher for myself and my children. We all loved your music lessons so much we found it really difficult to finish. Thank you for your patience and kindness.

You have given us a good set of skills and knowledge of the piano, and also a heightened appreciation and love of music.
Catherine Mears

I first came to you as a nine year old with a vague interest in learning to play the piano. I am now nineteen and it’s phenomenal the way you have transformed that vague interest into a genuine love of playing the piano.
This was achieved through persistence, patience and a seemingly infinite knowledge of the instrument. You have managed to craft a pianist out of a boy who never would have thought he could be musical at all.

And after eleven years, I still look forward to coming each week and learning more.

Jeff Cheshire