Now I Love Music Practice:

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“Filled with common sense”

“Ron Ottley writes in simple persuasive language which cannot fail to convince everyone to go and ENJOY their practice”

“A delightful approach to the old problem”

Nadia Lasserson

European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA) magazine

This short readable book fills a gap in the literature on practice and can serve as an excellent motivational tool for young learners. In fact, after reading just a few pages, I decided to purchase a copy for each of my students. I look forward to the discussions this book will foster and the future teaching moments I will address with Ottley’s reminders or quotes. As Ottley says “We won’t know how far we can go unless we persevere long enough to find out”

Beth Gigante Klingenstein


I’m so impressed with this book! It seems quite revolutionary. It is written for students to read and is aimed at making them responsible for their own practice and ultimate success. This seemed a fantastic idea, but I wondered if it was aiming at an ideal that in reality would be impossible.

As I began to read my scepticism dissipated. It was very easy to read, has a very positive approach and yet a wonderfully refreshing straight talking honesty that I think students would respect and relate to really well.

It really gets at the psychology behind why students don’t want to practice. The book uses a number of Aesop’s fables to help illustrate and explain different points of learning an instrument and practicing. It has an incredible amount of information packed into it.

Jeanie Willis B.Mus

Dip.Tch Published in the group’s newsletter

Clearly presented and easy to read for the specific age group of 10+ this delightful little volume should be in every music teachers library to show and recommend to their students, – let parents know it makes a wonderful birthday or Xmas present – and to reinforce for themselves ideas on managing that age-old problem of motivational practice.

Dr Rita Crew

THE STUDIO The journal of the Music Teachers' Association of New South Wales, Australia.

The content is not a step-by-step approach to practice techniques, but a philosophical guide to encourage student accountability. It represents a motivational, rather than a procedural approach to practice. While a philosophical approach may not work for every student, the book is a great resource for any teacher looking for motivational ideas to present to students.

With its easy-to-read format, personal style and encouraging tone, this book would be useful as studio waiting-room reading or the individual reinforcement needed for a discouraged student.

Dr. Steve Allen

Professor of Piano, Brigham Young University-Idaho

Although written for children of late- primary school age and above, both the writing style and content are equally suitable for older students, or indeed, with the help of a parent or teacher, for younger ones.

The tone of the writing is consistently upbeat and encouraging, emphasising the great benefits and satisfaction that learning music can bring throughout a lifetime.

This is an excellent book which achieves its aims by neither talking down to nor over the heads of its intended audience. Its practical common-sense ideas are clearly presented, and flow well from one to another to create a positive and encouraging message.


The magazine of ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts)

A surprise awaits the music pupil when they begin reading Now I Love Music Practice. I found the book easy to read and interesting. It is designed to encourage, support, and inspire all music pupils.

It should encourage pupils to take responsibility for themselves and for their own progress.

Ron Ottley has put a great deal of thought into writing the book. It has delightful short stories and fables for young people to enjoy. Teachers and parents will also enjoy

Elizabeth Noffke LTCL, LRSM, Lmustcl, FIRMT

RITMICO The magazine of the New Zealand Institute of Registered Music Teachers (IRMT).

Ron Ottley has put all his many years of experience teaching music into a motivational book for music students and it is also suitable for teachers.

Peppered throughout the pages of the book are wonderful quotes, which help to reinforce the message. The chapter on ‘Desire, Understanding, Knowledge’ is particularly helpful and explains the process of successful music making and practice in a clear, easy to grasp manner.

I do feel that many of our students (even the motivated ones!) would find this book an interesting read and at the very least provide them with a fresh understanding of why they should take practice seriously!

Daniel Pereira

THE MUSIC STAND The Music Teachers' Assn of South Australia journal

Thanks for an excellent publication!


Teacher, Educator, Composer, Writer.

“I like this book! I like its construction, its material, its illustrations and oh, its language.”



“Now I Love Music Practice by Ron Ottley is a great read, all children should have a copy – music pupils or not. It contains some excellent lessons for life!”


Piano Teacher

This book is an inspiration to me, not only in my teaching but also in my personal life. Thank you.


Piano Teacher