Now I Love

Music Practice

Author: Ron Ottley

This book is not about how to practice.
It focuses on why practice.

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motivational book for music pupils


This best selling, motivational book for children has been enthusiastically received by music teachers, parents and children. It provides encouragement and support for all music students, especially reluctant students.

Now I Love Music Practice can be read by students from about 10 years to adult. It is also a great music teacher resource.

— It will encourage, motivate and inspire students to cheerfully persevere with practicing.
— It will help students to see the big picture and appreciate the importance of their music education.
— It will help students understand the processes involved in learning to play an instrument.
— It will encourage students to be satisfied with intrinsic rewards without the need for rewards, bribes etc.
— It will help students develop a good positive attitude to their music.
— It includes many stories and is very easy to read.

Ron and some of his students assemble after entertaining the residents of a retirement village.

What people are saying

I absolutely love Now I Love Music Practice

My masters degree is in music therapy and I am very interested in using stories to reach the subconscious part of our brain that is involved in learning. I plan to share some of these stories with my students and parents at our upcoming recital.

I also like the fact that the authors ideas and teachings don’t involve “gimmicks, games, and extrinsic rewards”. Like him, I subscribe to the belief in self- responsibility and intrinsic motivation

Barb Steenrod

Piano Teacher (Ohio)

Ron GT


My name is Ron Ottley.

I am the author of Now I Love Music Practice. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am a piano teacher. I teach one on one in my studio at my home.

I could have retired from teaching years ago but I really enjoy what I do and I have no thought of stopping. Everything does not always run smoothly, of course, and I encounter challenges and problems but these are far outweighed by the rewards, the satisfaction, and the pleasure in seeing a student blossom.
I strive to get every student to the place where they are persevering with practising, and with their music education, because that is what they want to do. That is my focus, and it could almost be called my hobby horse. When students do get to that position almost all other problems disappear.
One of my favourite quotations comes from Sondra Anice Barnes
“It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.”